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About Two Willows Farm & Vineyard™ Two Willows Farm & Vineyard was purchased and named in 2001. Oceana County, where Two Willows Farm & Vineyard is located, consists predominately of sandy soil. Our soil composition varies from large areas of dense clay to others that are primarily sandy. So, we are in a micro climate of sorts due to our soil makeup in Claybanks Township.

The dense clay areas make grapevine cultivation challenging.  Vines prefer a looser soil.  However, once established, grapevines are fairly hardy depending on how well they are managed.  It’s simply harder to establish them in denser soil.

Current Business

We currently have a product line of Organic Grape Seed, Grape Skin, and White Pine Bark,  Extract Supplements available in Encapsulated, Bulk, and Liquid forms.

Our line of Organic Grape Seed Oil has been well received. Visit our Grape Seed Oil pages.

Grape Seed Oil in Bellissima Bottle and Grape Seed Oil in Twist Top Bottle.

The most recent products introduced is our line of Tinctured Extracts. Use the navigation bar at left for more information and links to products.

We also sell Timothy Hay.  See the “Timothy Hay for Sale” page for more information regarding pasture mix.

Future Business

We hope to sell wine someday.  Not sure when that will happen at this time.

Farming Technique

Some vintners practice “dry farming” in order that the wine totally reflects the climate of the year it was grown.  “Dry farming” means no irrigation is used to assist the growing process.   This may be noted on the bottle as well stating “the wine reflects the year it was grown”.  We presently use drip irrigation for our vines.

For more information about area vineyards go to the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry web site at web site.