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Organic Grape Seed, Skin, Pine Bark Capsules

Organic Grape SEED, Organic Grape Skin, and Organic White PINE BARK Extract Supplement Capsules
Extra Strength 500 mg.
60 and 90 capsule bottles – 2 for price of 1 options available

Also known as Organic GrapeSeed, Organic GrapeSkin, and Organic Pine Bark Extract

Organic Grape Seed, Skin, & Pine Bark Extract 60 & 90 Capsule Bottles

Organic Grape Seed, Skin, & Pine Bark Extract 60 & 90 Capsule Bottles 2 for Price of 1 Options Available

Two Willows Organic Grape Seed and Grape Skin Extract, with Resveratrol, is available in Vegetable capsules. Organic Grape Seed, Grape Skin, and Pine Bark Extract is sold in extra strength 500 mg capsule size only. Two Willows Organic Grape Seed, Grape Skin, and Pine Bark Extract has very low prices especially for an organic herb. Our Organic Grape Seed, Grape Skin, and Pine Bark Extract is grown, processed and packaged at our farm. Organic Grape Seed, Grape Skin, and Pine Bark Extract is sold in 60 and 90 capsule bottles. All extracts are Organic with no Fillers, Trans Fats, Starch, Salt, Dairy, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavoring, just pure Organic Grape Seed, Grape Skin, and Pine Bark Extract.

Ingredients: Organic GrapeSeed, Organic GrapeSkin, and Pine Bark Extract in Vegetable capsule – 3 Powerful Antioxidants


Organic Grape Seed Extract Uses
Vision Improvement – Grape seed has produced beneficial effects in people with vision problems. One study focused on participants with computer related visual stress. People who worked at a video display terminal (VDT) for at least 6 hours a day were assigned to one of three groups, receiving either grape seed, bilberry, or a placebo. After 2 months, the grape seed group reported much less visual stress, with improvements even greater than those seen in the bilberry group (Fusi, 1990). An earlier study had shown grape seed to be significantly more effective than a placebo in improving night vision. This earlier study included 98 people who experienced prolonged night visual glare or visual stress caused by VDT’s (Corbe, 1988).” – Source: Mosby’s Hand Book of Herbs & Natural Supplements Linda Skidmore-Roth, RN, MSN, NP

Organic Grape Seed Extract Common Uses
▪ Antioxidant▪ Allergies ▪ Arthritis ▪ Asthma ▪ Blood clots ▪ Blood pressure ▪ Cancer ▪ Cataracts ▪ Cellulite ▪Cholesterol ▪ Circulation ▪ Diabetes ▪ Diabetic retinopathy ▪ Eczema ▪ Edema ▪ Emphysema ▪ Eyestrain ▪Fibromylagia ▪ Glaucoma ▪ Gout ▪ Hair loss ▪ Hay fever ▪ Heart attack ▪ Heart disease ▪ Hives ▪Impotence ▪ Leg cramps ▪ Macular degeneration ▪ MS ▪ Night vision ▪ Numbness (tingling) ▪ PMS ▪Psoriasis ▪ Scars ▪ Skin cancer ▪ Skin elasticity ▪ Skin health ▪ Stretch marks ▪ Stroke ▪ Teeth & gum healing ▪ Tumor formation ▪ Varicose veins ▪ Wound healing ▪ Wrinkles (not scientifically proven). Source –

Organic Grape Skin Extract Beneficial Uses
“Grape Skin contains high concentrations of the substance, trans-resveratrol, and health industry researchers have found that this substance may be the key to its source as an antioxidant that may help in the prevention of serious infection. According to Northwestern University, the significant amounts of resveratrol naturally present in Grape Skin have demonstrated potentially beneficial properties, including:
▪anticarcinogen effects.
Recent research shows that trans-resveratrol may interfere with the development of disease by:
▪blocking the actions of carcinogens,
▪inhibiting the initiation and proliferation of diseased cells and
▪causing pre-cancerous cells to revert to normal.
Grape Skin contains proanthocyanidins, the phytonutrients that:
▪provide a high degree of antioxidant capacity that fights free radical damage in the body. These compounds allow the body’s cells to absorb vitamin C, which are thought to be helpful in
▪protecting cells from the free radicals that can bind to and destroy cellular compounds. These qualities may be helpful in
▪building the immune system
▪fighting serious malignant disease and other infections. With regard to good coronary health, Grape Skin
▪may be very helpful in reducing platelet aggregation (clotting) in the blood, thereby
▪reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis, stroke and heart attacks.
Researchers at Northwestern University Medical School have found that a chemical in red wine is a form of estrogen called resveratrol (highly concentrated in the skin of grapes), and it:
▪may reduce the risk for Cardiovascular disease. Resveratrol has a molecular structure similar to that of diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen. The resveratrol in Grape Skin is said to
▪raise the levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDLs or “good” cholesterol) in the blood, while
▪decreasing the low-density lipoproteins (LDLs, or “bad” cholesterol) and thereby possibly
▪helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes. It is also said to
▪prevent fat in the bloodstream from sticking together and clogging the arteries, which is thought to promote better circulation of blood throughout the body, especially to the heart. Grape Skin may help to
▪minimize brain damage from strokes. Research has discovered that resveratrol can
▪absorb free radicals, stopping them from doing any more damage to the brain. The phytonutrients that contribute to the grape vine’s resistance to viruses are thought to ▪protect against some viral infections in humans as well.” – Source: Northwestern University

Benefits of White Pine Bark:
Historically White Pine Bark was ground into flour and used by Native Americans to make bread. Some tribes used the inner bark and sap as a poultice or dressing for wounds and sores. White Pine Bark increases circulation and has a slight “warming” effect. It carries away toxins, increasing secretion of fluids, and loosens phlegm. It is used to treat a stuffy, not runny nose, and helps make coughing and sneezing productive, which will clear air passages. It is an excellent expectorant, helping to reduce mucus secretions and works to stimulate mucus elimination. White Pine Bark is also a very powerful antioxidant. Topically a paste made from Pine Bark can be made into a poultice to treat wounds, or may help with headaches. Used in a combination with uva ursi (bearberry), marshmallow, and poplar bark, it is used as a treatment for diabetes. White Pine Bark (Pinus Strobus) may be used for the following:
▪Muscle Pain
▪Strengthens Urinary Tract
▪Coughs Colds
▪Sore Throats
▪Stuffy nose
▪To strengthen bladder and kidneys
Native Americans Ate Pine Bark and included the inner bark of pines and other trees as an important part of their diet. Early foreign explorers of North America recorded finding acres of trees stripped of bark for food by the local inhabitants. Easily obtainable in large quantities all year round, storable, and very nutritious, at least one famous tribe is well documented as making bark an important part of their diet. There are no known side effects for White Pine Bark. Check for allergic reaction which might include a skin rash, headache, or nausea. Source: Home Remedy Central

When shopping for extracts – check our competitors. Compare capsule size, what fillers they use, (many companies use rice flour filler – the Swanson company uses it and admits it), are they Organic, and shipping and handling charges.

Organic Grape Seed and Organic Grape Skin Extract Capsules Shelf Life
If stored in a cool, dry, place it’s best used by 1 year. FREEZING is NOT recommended.

Vegetable Capsule Ingredients:

▪Vegetable Cellulose HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) derived from vegetable cellulose.
▪Purified Water
▪100% natural
▪No preservatives, No Gelatin, No Wheat, No Animal by-products, & No Starch. They are made from pure Cellulose of either Pine or Poplar.

Capsules are fast dissolving in the stomach and easily digestible.
Capsules should be stored in a cool (Temperature 58 to 79 degrees F.), dry place (Humidity 45% and 60%). Expiration date of the capsules is five years. The capsules are manufactured in accordance with GMP and ISO 9002 regulations and without the addition of ethylene oxide or sulfites. ALL capsules are Kosher and Halal certified, GMO free, and free of preservatives & Gluten.

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