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Organic Pine Bark Glycerite

Organic White Pine Bark Extract Glycerite Tincture

Also known as Organic Pine Bark Extract Glycerite

Glycerites contain no alcohol

Organic White Pine Bark Extract Tincture

Organic White Pine Bark Extract TinctureAlso known as Organic Pine Bark Extract Tincture

Organic White Pine Bark Extract Glycerite Tincture, is available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz, amber glass bottles. Organic Pine Bark Extract Glycerite Tincture has very low prices especially for an organic herb. Our Organic Pine Bark Extract Glycerite is grown, processed and packaged at our farm. All extracts are Organic with no Fillers, Trans Fats, Starch, Salt, Dairy, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Preservatives, or Artificial Colors, just pure Organic Pine Bark Extract. Organic Pine Bark Glycerite is most often taken as a dietary supplement.

Glycerite Ingredients: Organic White Pine Bark, in Kosher USP Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water, and Distilled White Vinegar – A powerful Antioxidant.

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Benefits of White Pine Bark Extract Glycerite:
Historically White Pine Bark was ground into flour and used by Native Americans to make bread. Some tribes used the inner bark and sap as a poultice or dressing for wounds and sores. White Pine Bark increases circulation and has a slight “warming” effect. It carries away toxins, increasing secretion of fluids, and loosens phlegm. It is used to treat a stuffy, not runny nose, and helps make coughing and sneezing productive, which will clear air passages. It is an excellent expectorant, helping to reduce mucus secretions and works to stimulate mucus elimination. White Pine Bark is also a very powerful antioxidant. Topically a paste made from Pine Bark can be made into a poultice to treat wounds, or may help with headaches. Used in a combination with uva ursi (bearberry), marshmallow, and poplar bark, it is used as a treatment for diabetes. White Pine Bark (Pinus Strobus) may be used for the following:
▪Muscle Pain
▪Strengthens Urinary Tract
▪Coughs Colds
▪Sore Throats
▪Stuffy nose
▪To strengthen bladder and kidneys
Native Americans Ate Pine Bark and included the inner bark of pines and other trees as an important part of their diet. Early foreign explorers of North America recorded finding acres of trees stripped of bark for food by the local inhabitants. Easily obtainable in large quantities all year round, storable, and very nutritious, at least one famous tribe is well documented as making bark an important part of their diet. There are no known side effects for White Pine Bark. Check for allergic reaction which might include a skin rash, headache, or nausea. Source: Home Remedy Central

When shopping for extracts – check our competitors. Compare capsule size, what fillers they use, (many companies use rice flour filler – the Swanson company uses it and admits it), are they Organic, and shipping and handling charges.

Organic White Pine Bark Extract Glycerite Tincture Shelf Life
If stored in a cool, dry, place it’s best used by 1-2 years. FREEZING is NOT recommended.

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